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Thousands of Smart Mom's Agree This Is A Top Rated Educational Toy For Developing Your Children's Mind

Posted by Barbara Swisher-Richards on

Growing toddlers have growing needs. One-year to two-year-old children start to be curious about their immediate surroundings.

They begin to touch things and discover what these are and how they work. Children two years old, in particular, start to express interest not only on themselves but on other people too. This makes it the perfect time to introduce educational toys for 2 year old toddlers. And My PAL Jumper the Activity Toy is the perfect toy for the job.

Most conventional educational toys for 2 year old children concentrate on just one or two activities. Flash cards can be useful in teaching the alphabet or numbers, but it offers very little else. Building blocks, whether plastic or wooden, are a decent way to distract toddlers and help them learn the basics of A-B-C or 1-2-3, but they do not stimulate the child's other senses.

Other toys are designed only for their entertainment value, and provide very little lessons for very young children. Two-year-old kids need to be introduced to more activities to help stimulate their skills, not only in reciting the alphabet but in performing simple tasks as well.

My PAL Jumper the Activity Toy takes the many features of other educational toys for 2 year old kids and combines them into one all-around activity machine. Most toddlers by this time already have a basic grasp of his or her senses, and only requires guidance to understand them better. My PAL Jumper is perfect for this, because it offers activities that do just that.

This toy's hands are a good source of lessons for young toddlers. They can learn:

  • The alphabet with the letters A, B, and C marked in the fingers of its right hand;
  • The counting numbers with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 marked in the fingers on its left hand;
  • Shapes with the circle, square, and triangle in which all letters and numbers are enclosed;
  • Colors with its bright yellow, red, and blue parts; and
  • Sounds with the rattling and the squeaking sounds the toy makes when the child shakes it or presses its left hand.

This green, cuddly frog stuffed toy definitely leads the line of educational toys for 2 year old toddlers available in the market today. It is great for introducing simple tasks to young children. Shoelaces on the right foot can be used for practice basic knots and help a toddler get ahead of her peers. The zipper and Velcro strap allow her to understand the concept of close and open, and provides a side lesson on different sounds as well. The hidden mirror inside the toy's left foot can only be seen when the child removes the Velcro strap from its place. It serves as a pleasant surprise and an impromptu lesson on reflection, all rolled into one.

My PAL Jumper is the perfect addition to a family's collection of educational toys for 2 year old kids. Siblings can discover the various activities of this plush frog together, and learn basic lessons while making their relationship closer. The more they spend time with each other, the more they are taught not only the alphabet and fundamental motor skills, but the value of sharing as well. Parents can even join them in lessons or simple idle play. My PAL Jumper is an excellent way to spend time together, enjoying each other's company in countless hours of family bonding.

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