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2016 New Portable Mini 125g Portable Double Stroke Bike Gas Air Pump

  • $ 5.79
  • Save $ 6.20

Mini pumps are an essential purchase for any cyclist. Lightweight, and can be stored either in the back pocket of a cycling jersey. They can also be attached to your bike in the bottle cage mounting points.

Can get you out of trouble if you encounter a flat tire whil out riding. Can be used to pump a soft tire up to better pressure at any point while out on a ride.

This is a great Mini Pump with telescopic action giving a ‘dual shot' of air with every pump stroke. Light weight and portable. High efficiency, more air-per-stroke. Comes with two most popular valves

Color: Blue, Yellow, Red, Black
Material: ABS plastic
Unfolded Size: 40.5cm/16in
Folded Size: 19.5cm/7.7in

With such a great price, pick one up for yourself, and one for a friend!

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