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New LED Neoformers - Build, Learn, and Grow in 3D

  • $ 39.99

New LED Neoformers are colored magnets cover by premium quality plastic. Kids find them especially cool when the LED is plugged in and their design is lit up and the shapes and colors are magnified in the dark. Their shapes range from squares to polygons, triangles and much more.

When your children play with Neoformers they experience fun combined with incredible cognitive development. In other words, kids enjoy playing with toys that make them smarter and kick-start their creativity and help develop skills they didn’t know they have like:
  • Logical Thinking
  • Sense Of Space
  • Concentration
  • Manual Dexterity

Neoformers come in two sizes: 62 and 78 Pieces (See Images). With the 62 piece set you can build many basic designs. The 78 piece set adds in wheels, letters, and other shapes to expand your building options.

Help your children have fun and learn at the same time today when you click the add to cart button on this page and complete your purchase.

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